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2019/ 2020Double/
DeluxeJunior SuiteSingleTriple
Nov 4th-24th 2019€92.00 (€96)€112.00 (€116)€140.00€70.00€130.00
February 1st - March 15th 2020€95.00€120.00€140.00€75.00€130.00
March 16th- 29th 2020€105.00€130.00€150.00€80.00€140.00
March 30th-April 30th 2020€110.00€140.00€160.00€90.00€150.00
May 1st- June 30th 2020€130.00€160.00€180.00€110.00€170.00
July 1st -Oct 4th 2020€135.00€160.00€190.00€110.00€180.00
Oct 5th.-Nov 1st 2020€110.00€140.00€160.00€90.00€140.00
Nov 4th - 24th 2020€92.00 (€96)€112.00 (€116)€140.00€70.00€130.00

All prices in Brackets are weekend rates ( Friday and Saturday )
All rates include our award winning Gourmet breakfast
All rates are quoted in Euros
All rates are per room per night

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